International Railways Expert

As a Railway Expert, my main fields of activity are:

Guest speakers at different at diffetent conferences on railway ballastless tracks, high-speed superstructures, specific challenges associated with urban underground and streetcars, maintenance costs in high-speed railway lines, among others.

Different internationally recognized innovation projects and presenting works at the World Congress on Railway Research in Australia (2013), which have been included in the Acknowledgements Book of the VII Congress on Innovation in the Spanish Railway Industry.


Highly knowledgeable of the current European directives related to the railway sector, both on railway system interoperability and on the applicability of regulation 402/2013 of the European Commission on common security methods for the evaluation and assessment of the risks in railway infrastructures.

 Develop of interoperability assessment reports in different fields (infrastructure, tunnels, people with reduced mobility) as well as risk analyses aimed at mitigating said issues and their railway safety implications.



Actively participation in different expert platforms and committees. Member of the Infrastructure Sectoral Committee (fastening systems, ballastless tracks…), and Board member in the Spanish Transport Association, among others.